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  DO NOT TRAVEL WITHOUT READING THIS FIRST: Given the concerns about the association of Zika virus infection with serious birth defects, the CDC now recommends that women trying to conceive wait 2 months and that men wait 6 months to conceive, after being infected by the Zika virus. Since testing for the Zika virus is not widely or easily available and testing may not pick up all infections, and infection can be completely without symptoms, Arkansas is recommending against travel to Zika infested areas for all patients who are considering conception and for pregnant women and their partners. Current Zika travel advisories can be found on the CDC website and are continually updated - . Arkansas is advising all of our patients to check this site before booking travel and if you have questions to talk with your nurse or doctor before traveling. If you do travel to a Zika infested area, we are recommending that you not conceive for 2 months if you are female or 6 months if you are male or if your male partner has been to a Zika infested area. Male partners of pregnant women should not travel to Zika


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